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Happy Chufamix Nut Milk Maker Fans

"I was making a lot of almond milk with a blender, until I met the Chufamix. This product has saved my copious amounts of time when prepping my veggie and nut milks. It is so easy to use and saves washing up time for me. As a professional chef, I look for products like this, and they really help me. I would highly recommend Chufamix Nut Milk and Vegetable Milk Maker to anyone wanting to incorporate veggie and nut milks into their diet but who has little time to prepare it. I ordered the product directly from the website:www.thebluecrane.asia, and the product arrived super fast. Thank you for introducing it to me, now I cannot live without it.

Love True Food Founder , Lakshmi Harilela, Hong Kong



" .. we had delivery of our Chufamix and I've made some cashew nut milk with dates and orange peel ... delicious!! And my partner loved it too - yay! He's looking forward to having some more at brekkie time.."

Leanne, Melbourne


"Made this all time favourite by everyone! Yes a Pancake ! Who needs to add milk into it if u can make your own vege nut milk? I substitute the milk by using raw almond milk and it taste yummy and has a nice nutty taste to it."

"Chufamix is the best!"

"Made this healthy soy milk and soy jelly for the kids! Thanks to chufamix for making this so easy!"

Ivy Ng, Malaysia


"Just got mine and made the almond milk.Was super easy and tastes great!Can't begin to explore other recipes using the Chufamix."

Manisha, Malaysia





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