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About The Blue Crane

The Blue Crane

We have often been asked where our name came from and it is indeed a story worth sharing. At our annual yoga/meditation/health retreat we embarked on an exercise to make paper cranes by our Meditation Sifu (Teacher). We sat tirelessly for hours mastering the craft and though were very proud of our achievements realised it was also one of the best meditative exercises we had experienced. Shortly after that event we started our business with a single product, which we still have today (Chufamix) and were trying to think of a name. I looked up at my desk and saw 6 of the most beautiful Blue Cranes that my business partner had given me as part of birthday gift and suggested The Blue Crane be our name. It was perfect we want our products and services to be a gift to the world, so the name stuck.

We are driven team of health professionals looking for that next gift. The products and services we offer have been tirelessly researched and created. We wanted to focus on Immunity and Longevity, Lifestyle essentials and Body essentials with key set of criteria in mind

  • Will it improve the lives of our clients
  • Is it organic or sustainable in nature
  • Is it of the highest quality
  • Will our clients see it as a gift

We are a team of food, health and wellness enthusiasts who are excited about products and services that we can share with the world! We love clean, healthy organic foods, yoga, meditation .. all the elements for health, happiness and love. As curious, enthusiastic global travelers we chose to base our business in Malaysia to serve the Asian and Pacific markets.

We have both been in the corporate worlds for a combined total of 40 years thus bringing a maturity of knowledge and business experience and combining that with an enthusiasm for life and new exciting adventures in the health industry.

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