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About The Blue Crane

The Blue Crane


I have often been asked where our name The Blue Crane came from and it is indeed a story worth sharing. At one of my annual yoga/wellness retreats, the group embarked on an exercise to make paper cranes by our Meditation Sifu (Teacher). We sat tirelessly (and for some, frustratingly) for hours mastering the craft. At the end, we were very proud of our achievements but more importantly, realised it was also one of the best meditative exercises for being in the NOW! 

In Asian cultures, cranes embody peace, happiness, good fortune and longevity (Its fabled lifestyle spans 1000 years). The colour blue represent depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, confidence, intelligence and wisdom.  Shortly after that event, The Blue Crane company was born with with a single product, Chufamix, the simple elegant tool for making nut milks, a sure necessity when you are steering away from all dairy products. It was a perfect start to a journey which aims to educate, share and evolve all things related to wellbeing. 

The products and services we now offer have been tirelessly researched and created. I wanted to focus on Immunity and Longevity of the physical body which often is a mirror to the health of the mind and spirit. Wellness is preventive medicine, a way to care for yourself in the best way you can. So, When evaluating new products and services and working with clients, I  ask these questions of myself : 

  • Will it improve the lives of my family, friends, clients and everyone out there?
  • Is it organic, sustainable and creates no harm to our environment?
  • Is it of the highest quality possible today? How do we sustain this?
  • Will the Five Layers of our Being (Physical, Vital Energy, Mind, Wisdom, Bliss layers) be nourished ?

There are no borders to making  our lives better and better, a day at a time, every moment of that time. I am passionate about  clean, healthy organic foods, yoga, pilates, Chi Gong, meditation, being with people I respect, love .. all the elements for living a healthy, wholesome life. The Blue Crane company was started in Malaysia, where I was born,  but my life spans 2 countries - Malaysia and Australia, and that has given me the opportunity to expand me business to  serve the Asian and Pacific markets.

I have worked in the IT/Software business for over 20  years, bringing a maturity of knowledge and business experience that has allowed me to follow a dream - be a scientist in the wellness field, dealing with real people and real challenges in their day to day life - I am so grateful to all my family, friends and clients who have put their trust in me to make a difference in their lives. I cannot ask for anything more. 

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