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Maizan Mansor Ahern has worked and travelled extensively in her previous 20 year career as a Technical, Consulting Services and Industry Director at various  multinational Software/IT firms. 

It was after a debilitating back injury after her second child that Maizan discovered pilates and yoga. Over time, she delved passionately into other movement therapies and the study of nutrition, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine for healing. She has studied Kinesiology, Massage Therapies and Chi Gong Meditation mainly to heal herself, emotionallly and physically  from her brush with breast cancer at the age of 28. 

Today Maizan owns and operates a business  in Perth, Australia which, over the past 8 years has evolved into a business that focuses on sharing wisdom on holistic solutions  to address all aspects of health and wellbeing - a combination of movement therapy (Pilates, Yoga, Chi Gong. Tai Chi), general nutrition and meditation techniques as part and parcel of a daily living practice.

The Blue Crane Sdn Bhd (Msia) was founded based on a passion my business partner and I have for healthy foods, healthy living , exercise, meditation and a belief that we have the power to heal ourselves.

Paul Cummings, born in Scotland and one of 9 children, so eating was for food not nutrition. As soon as I understood the benefits of healthy living and we are what we eat, became committed to a lifestyle based on Healthy eating by increasing the world of green smoothies, organic food where possible, Paleo components of eating and cut back on dairy – Enter the magical world of Almond milk and now the amazing Chufamix.

As a lifetime fitness person through State League level basketball for many years, yoga and Transcendental Meditation over the years, but the biggest change in my life has come through meeting my now Business Partner Maizan Mansor. She introduced me to the world of Pilates, Yoga/meditation retreats and Chi Gong and this has changed my outlook on life, exercise, what we need to thrive and be at our optimum. I thank the universe for her every day. 

Corporately, I have been involved in Sales and Marketing in IT for over 20 years. I have held Senior management GM roles in Multinational companies as well as owning my own business in that field.

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