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About Us

  • I studied Chemistry and Biology at Unversity. But my career took me to the depths of IT support, marketing and consulting for over 20 years. i have always been passionate about food, health and wellness and I am fortunate enough to now follow my dream - share products and services that can help everyone out there make informed decisions about clean, healthy organic foods, yoga, meditation and more.. .. all the elements for infinite health, happiness and love
  • The first product on the line was - Chufamix - a vegetable and nut milk  maker. It is so elegant, easy, saves valuable time and that characterises the choices of all other products. The services introduced will be of the highest quality available and more importantly, continually evolve as needed.
  • My Asian heritage has stood me well in understanding and addressing the  challenges of working cross borders, with cultural,language and ethnic differences. 
  • Fortunately, my past corporate experience and the support of my family has given me the ability and confidence start and manage a new business in a field that stokes my fires! 


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