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SF, Gracefully in her 40’s

Testimonial - Wellness Immersion

Wellness Immersion: For years, I have battled with physical and emotional pains. I was always low in energy, my relationships suffered as I sought solutions from western doctors, Chinese doctors , faith healers and the like. Then I joined Maizan’s Wellness Immersion program, Yearly Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Chiangmai, the Power Yoga Weekends and Nutrilicious Cooking workshops. I learned Yoga, Myofascial Release , Meditation, making the right food choices for myself and my family and met some incredible people who have become my support network. Gone is my 9 years of back pain, mild depression, headaches, terrible mood swings and restricted breathing. My flexibility and strength is better now than when I was in my 20’s. and I would recommend anyone to experience what I experienced!

Testimonial - Chufamix Nut Milk Maker

Nur, 26 years old

Testimonial - Mikei Red Reishi

Red Reishi: I started consuming the Mikei Red Reishi capsules in the middle of the April 2016, 2 years after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I took 3 capsules in the morning before food and another 3 capsules before dinner, and experienced immediate effects the next day! My energy level skyrocketed, the rashes on my skin gradually disappeared, my appetite returned and I learnt to cook whole plant based foods from the Blue Crane Wellness Weekend. I am now looking forward to the birth of my first child even as I was told I could never fall pregnant.

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