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FAQ's - Chufamix Nut Milk and Vegetable Milk Maker



  1. Chufamix®?


Chufamix® is the first device to squeeze out nuts, cereals, seeds and herbs, creating DIY at home delicious milks or sometimes called  ‘mylks’ to distinguish it from any dairy based milks. You can take away the pain of using nut milk (mylk) bags, and create your own :

Nut milks: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, chestnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, pistachios, pine nuts, orxata nuts, macadamia, etc.  

Cereals beverages: oats, rice, spelt, millets, etc. 

Seeds juices: quinoa, sesame, hemp, pumpkins, sunflowers, melons, etc.  

Soya milk or a mixture of the above to suit your own taste.


2, What is NOT Chufamix® ?


Chufamix® is NOT a blender, it does not have any electrical parts. You will need a hand blender to macerate the nuts, seeds or other raw ingredients of your choice to make the milks or mylks.

You can also use a normal blender to blend your raw ingredients and then pour into the Chufamix® container, use the Chufamix®mortar to press out the purest, creamiest nut/seed/veggie milk without the ‘grit’ that normally comes with blended nut milks.


  1. So what does Chufamix®  consist of again?


It consists of a container, the filtering glass, a mortar and a lid.

All materials used to make the Chufamix®device are free of BPA, PVS, Bakelite, halogen compounds, formaldehyde etc. It is simple, elegant, fast!... less than 5 minutes with a hand blender and Chufamix®can give you the creamy texture of freshly made nut milk, seed and veggie milk.


  1. So what about nut milk bags?


Well, Chufamix®replaces nut milk bags – no more hand squeezing, scraping, cleaning of bags and drying them before next use – not forgetting the odours of past nut milks you have made.

With Chufamix®, you just rinse the containers in warm water or put them in the dishwasher – a real time saver for busy people!


  1. Do I have to soak nuts to make nut milk?


Depends on the nuts – almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts are best soaked overnight in filtered water. Macadamia and cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds do not have to be soaked.


  1. How much water do I add into the container?


Our blog contains many recipes to help you along but as a simple guideline I find a proportion of 1 to 3 works well to give you a nice, creamy textured nut milk. So for example if you use 1 cup of almonds, use 3 cups of water to make creamy almond milk. If you prefer this even creamier, add ½ cup more almonds or reduce the water to 2 cups. Experiment to suit your taste!



  1. Which hand blender is best to use with Chufamix®?

There is no hard and fast rule but from experience, I find it best to use a hand blender that has a sloping ‘cover’ over the blades – a flatter ‘cover’ over the blade will be more difficult to take out once the nuts are macerated as the pulp will tend to collect over the ‘cover’. Apart from that, any hand blender that is powerful enough to crush ice will crush the nuts well enough to make nut, seed and veggie milks.


  1. I still find a few whole nuts at the bottom of the sieve sometimes. Am I doing something wrong?


This sometimes happens when you are trying to create creamier nut milks and the whole nuts sink to the bottom of the container. All is not lost – use a wooden scraper of a rubber spatula to mix the pulp a little, then put the blender back in. You will get more milk if you blend the pulp a second time!


  1. What do I do with the nut and seed pulps?


Many delicious things can be made from the pulp. Take a look at our recipe blog or sign up on our front page to get our free recipe e-book! You can also contact us at info@thebluecrane.asia to get recipe tips, advice or just be informed of any new ideas for the happy use of your Chufamix®.


  1. Chufamix®?


Anything regarding Chufamix®or related questions can be sent to info@thebluecrane.asia







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