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Wellness Immersions

Our Wellness Immersions are designed to promote profound long term change. We will guide you through sustainable, enjoyable and carefully calibrated programs aimed at steering you on a new path. Whether you seek to increase fitness levels, shift unwanted weight and its emotional root causes, deep cleanse your entire system, learn to nourish your body and soul or attain renewed awareness, Amanjiwa Sanctuary’s Wellness Immersion Programs ensure deep reaching results with a deep sense of inner peace and happiness amongst compassionate and like minded individuals.

As well as initial assessments each day of your 3 day Immersion will be include one or two movement sessions – Yoga, Pilates, Chi Gong, Martial Arts and a workshop on current health and wellbeing topics. Unrivalled nutritional support and education lie at the core of each Immersion. Every meal is created with your goals in mind, while the latest knowledge in fitness, nutrition and health is shared to ensure your journey continues when you return home, with my continued support.

Wellness Immersions is my personal effort to support our community in their attempt to kickstart and continue a healthy lifestyle for themselves, their families and their own support network. For anyone, a complete wellness program includes the right exercise that includes strength and aerobic training, fascial release, nutritional information that is actually put into practice, and most importantly, a real commitment to long term change.

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