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Make Your Own Homemade Almond Milk in 1 Easy Step

Make your own homemade almond milk in 1 easy step using Chufamix. No more cleaning of a separate blender and nut milk bag. Make this delicious natural lactose free almond milk in 1 step with no mess, in less than 5 minute with nut pulp that is ready to use in other recipes.


Chufamix Creamy Almond Milk Recipe




1 ½ (200 g) cups raw organic almonds soaked overnight

1 Litre filtered water

2 organic medjool dates (optional)

Other flavourings eg vanilla, orange peel, raw cacao according to your taste





Rinse and strain soaked almonds in filtered water and place in Chufamix sieve container


Fill Chufamix jar with water and place the sieve into the jar


Use a hand blender and GENTLY blend the nuts . As the nuts are pulverized the blender will sink a little deeper into the container. You will immediately see the almond milk come through the sieve into the container.


Blend till the nuts are pulverized to consistency you require


Lift sieve and use the Chufamix mortar to press out a little more milk from the pulverized nuts.


Use a rubber spatula to loosen the almond nut pulp from the sides of the sieve and use the pulp immediately to make almond pulp hummus or dry in the oven to use in other recipes like banana chia seed cupcake


Enjoy the taste of natural lactose free almond milk on its own or use to soak chia seeds, soak birscher muesli.


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