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Home Made Soya Milk - non-GMO, lactose free, high protein

An delicious, mess free, easy way to make healthy, non-GMO, organic soy milk at home using Chufamix - lactose free , high in protein and this home made soy milk can be used for tofu to drink on its own.




1 Cup Organic Soya Beans – non GMO (no pesticides, herbicides or any nasties, please)

2-3 cups water for soaking overnight – change water as often as needed

2 L (or 8 cups) Filtered water for blending in a Chufamix

A pinch of organic Celtic Salt (if you wish to keep it in fridge for 3-4 days)




1. Soak 1 Cup organic beans in filtered water in a glass bowl, place in fridge overnight.
                                                             Dairy free, lactose free, vegetable milk recipes - Chufamix
2. Next day, rinse soaked beans thoroughly.
3. Use hand blender and Chufamix to macerate half the quantity of soaked soya beans in 4 cups filtered water (approx 1 L) for about 2 mins

                                                       Dairy free, lactose free, vegetable milk recipes - Chufamix
4. Use mortar to press out milk in the sieve and notice the fine pulp left behind – great for Korean/Japanese pancakes later or a crumble topping (more on that another day!)
        5. Pour out first batch of soya milk into a pot 

                                               Dairy free, lactose free, vegetable milk recipes - Chufamix

6. Repeat (3 – 5) on second half of soaked soya beans and pour out milk into same pot so you will have approximately 2 L beautiful, a little frothy, light yellow creamy ‘raw’ soya milk. It will taste rather ‘beany’

7. Place pot on stove and boil GENTLY. I never believe in ‘shocking’ food on high heat.

8. Stir gently with lots of love. Taste after 5 mins. The ‘beany’ taste would have softened.

9. After 15 min, the milk is completely palatable especially if you intend to add raw sugar or other sweetening agents.

10. After 20 min, you will have the creamiest, neutral tasting soymilk good enough to drink on its own. This is what I love drinking when I feel like a glass of warm soymilk to perk me up when I am busy.
                                                  Dairy free, lactose free, vegetable milk recipes - Chufamix
11. Use a pinch of Celtic salt to keep it longer in the fridge if you want but I love the milk as is and have made custard, clafoutis, curries with this milk so – ENJOY with your own creations! Ommmmm


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